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Isn’t it interesting how different seasons bring a certain feeling?🌷🌿😌

Spring provides a new reminder to be cheerful – new and positive things can come from what may have looked hopeless just months before. We hope you started 2021 with renewed enthusiasm for the work you do each day. If you have, keep it up. 🙌 And if you have not – here is your second chance 🌱

Look at spring as your opportunity to shake off the winter doldrums. With all the brilliant colours we see popping up around us, we find many reasons to be optimistic. Check our project updates, join the community or share with us your passion for #eParticipation. We are curious to hear from other practitioners too!

DIGY project consortium 

Mateusz Hoffmann, Project Manager of DYPALL network

"The value of OPIN Community is that it connects experts and practitioners in this field, who share their experiences freely with everyone who is interested."

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