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Last time we shared with you what we learnt during the past months of intensive video-conferencing. The truth is that we are still learning. Hello – can you hear me? Can you see me? You are muted. On the left, the picture of a mic, press it. Write it into the chat function. And, so it goes, even 100s of online meetings later…

It is what it is – we live in challenging times, trying to adapt to new circumstances and find different solutions. Both eParticipation and successful online activity require engagement. Citizens or our participants in online meetings do not necessarily become more willing to participate simply because some tools and services are provided for them. What else do we need? Charisma? Support? Bright lights and karaoke?

We are sharing some insights and good practices from our DIGY project partners' activities and eParticipation Community which provide hints to this question. And don't forget: "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." ✨🎄

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