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DIGY is continuing to work on and around OPIN, an outstanding eParticipation platform designed for young people.

We can see a significant increase in the number of projects on OPIN since Covid-19 and we are very happy that OPIN can make youth participation possible in these turbulent times. OPIN is free to use for all organizations from Europe that work in the field of youth participation or just want to actively involve young people in their projects.

DIGY aims at making eParticipation as easy as possible through the use of new eLearning materials, user navigation improvements, and by building a lively community of eParticipation practitioners.


đź’ˇOur quarterly newsletter provides an inspiring 36-month journey through the world of eParticipation for youth and the DIGY project.

DIGY project consortium 


Our goal is to establish an active and vivid community of project initiators and other interested institutions to enable  a peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, EU-wide collaboration and the sharing of advice.

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